a SaaS API proxy tool that converts standard API requests into a streaming API. In other words, it provides a proxy as a service for any HTTP API by polling and acting as a streaming API.  More specifically, it is a real-time cache proxy that allows you to poll JSON REST APIs and push updates to clients — keeping a history of change modifications that occur between pollings.  This way, is able to give you the list of modifications which happened since the last data request.

Moreover, it acts as a realtime layer that provides both caching and push to an existing API.  This mechanism is essentially a reverse proxy that translates REST API polling into a stream of data.


  • Incremental data updates: Pushes only the portion of data that changed
  • Push: Updates are pushed to the client using Server-Sent Events (SSE). By providing fallback mechanisms, can also work with older browsers.
  • API Cache: has an integrated cache mechanism to reduce server load and latency

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